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Anonymous asked: oh, and another thing!! the manic panic virgin snow, what does it actually do??? internet won't give me any good answers. sorry to bother you and thanks again!

It deposits purple pigment onto blonde hair to cancel out yellow/brassy tones and get it closer to a white. It’s not the best imo. Wella ColorCharm T-14 or T-18 work much better on me, but it’s gentler on the hair and works well as a touch up (even though purple shampoo is probably better).

Anonymous asked: hi there! just wondering, when you had your hair black/dark, what dye did you use? i'm thinking of going with manic panic but i don't know how good it is/if it fades weird. thank you!

To dye my hair black, I used the Revlon Colorsilk Soft Black cuz it was cheap. Never did me wrong. If it fades, it just becomes a little more brown. Nothing odd.



Hello I am a bunny love me


You doubt me?



i feel more like myself than i’ve felt in nearly a year

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My new favorite flower

Get me this bouquet so I know it’s real

Fill it with 100’s instead. 



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